JackieWinslowHi everyone, welcome to my page.  I have delayed making my own space within this website because like a lot of people I find it difficult to talk about myself, but the time has come to connect with people, and take a step out of my comfort zone.

I am in my 50’s and have been happily married for 30+ years, for which I feel extremely blessed, we have two wonderful grown up children who are walking their own brilliant paths.  My spiritual path has been a slow building one, I do not come from a religious family and therefore when I encountered Reiki it was as if I had discovered another world!

The journey has been a quiet one, simply working with the energy of love through my daily life and holding healing sessions within my home when the time is right.  Family comes first and like the majority we have had lots of challenges, but I know that each moment is a lesson presented to us to help us learn on a deeper level about the fundamental lesson of love.

So what would I like you to know about me?  I love nature, especially Autumn walking amongst the trees.  I love the beach, the sea is so magnificent with its ever changing colours and the extreme changes between the calm and the storm. I like to read, nothing high brow for me just a good novel by someone like Jodie Picoult, Cecelia Ahern, Barbara Erskine or even Lee Child.  A book will have me hooked for hours at a time, so I mainly save new books for my holiday where I have the time to indulge.  I passionately like helping people, I try to be a good listener, to be there when people are in need.

quote1So what do I do?

At this moment in time I do not have a regular paid job, I fill my days helping family close and extended and my friends.  I look after my home, growing flowers is a new thing for me so gardening is my new time consumer (along with this website).  That brings me onto my spiritual side. I am a master Reiki practitioner and hold treatment sessions in my beautiful room over looking the garden and hold several monthly meditation groups, all of which I absolutely love.  I feel very blessed that the building of this website has been a positive experience, my clerical background gave me the confidence and skills to tackle building my own website, it took a lot of time and patience but I am so pleased with the result.  I hope your experience on here is a good one.

So can I help you?

I offer Reiki, together with the Universal love and light to assist in aiding the mind, body and spirit. I hold these sessions at my home in Downend Bristol (UK) at a reasonable price, with flexible booking times.  If you wish to book a session or would like more information please contact me, I would love to have a conversation with you.

Questions about Reiki – Click here for more information

I hold several meditation groups and currently they are all full but I would be delighted to hold more sessions, if you are interested in joining a new group let me know.

My other skills relate to my clerical background, I am fairly confident on the computer use various software packages including making small videos. I have previously designed posters for workshops and events, invitations and videos uploaded to YouTube. If you struggle maybe I could help you!

So thats me, if you wish to contact me on any aspect of the above please make contact via email (button below) or call me on 07779904081, I would love to hear from you.