Its time to wake upJane Fishlock

Have you ever had a dream or desire that you would really like to achieve in this lifetime?

Then what stops you from achieving this?

We were all born with freedom in our mindsets and the potential and magnificence to expand our horizons!

The answer is really very simple, stop procrastinating and start living.

Now before you stop reading this article and say it’s just another one of those weird and wonderful wacky alternatives, take heed.

I challenge you to prove it to yourselves.

I work with angels and light beings, and yes I have tried to ignore what really is my passion, but the long and short of it is that if you don’t work with your true hearts desire then life has a way of halting you.

Fifteen years ago I found myself in a very difficult place; I am a very down to earth and normal person and had run a business with my husband for the last twenty years. Due to expansion the business upgraded to larger premises, the bank had told us to spend the money refurbishing it and told us in writing that they would convert it to a loan. Having had a relationship with them for twenty years we trusted them. On completion of works they decided to renege on the loan agreement. I fought for a further twelve months trying to manage the cash flow, fighting with the Inland Revenue, vat and suppliers, whilst managing a hefty payroll. I learnt a lot, I was honest at all times and through my honesty and integrity I found that people were mostly compassionate. Unfortunately the government bodies did not fall into this category, and hounded me until I was a quivering wreck. Why am I telling you this story you may ask, well here is the key.

I asked for help, that’s when my life began to change. The first thing that happened when I was watching Eastenders my mother decided to beam down, just like they did in star trek. She had died four years previously; I didn’t welcome her as I was absolutely terrified. Then I started seeing past pets and people, some of them familiar and some not. By now you may be saying what a crazy woman, and that’s how it felt. I would not stay in the house on my own and couldn’t understand what was happening to me. This went on about three months; the only plus side was that I lost some weight (not a good way through fear). Then one night as I lay wide-awake an Angel visited me, I saw it as golden light. It spoke to me and told me he was the angel of peace and that everything would be ok. The feeling was of pure pleasure not experienced on this earth. From that day to this and with their guidance I have turned my life around. Yes its taken time, it hasn’t been without challenge, but now I can honestly say I live my life in a truthful and honest way, I don’t hide from fears, I speak my truth, I follow the road that’s right for me and above all I do it with love. I lost the business, I lost my husband, I lost my home, but I gained respect, I gained real perspective for me and my journey, I communicate all my feelings no matter how hard that can be and I regained my self worth and also fell in love. Its all taken quite a while as everything on your pathway of life has to be at the right time. What am I trying to say overall, walk through every door of opportunity if it feels right for you. You are in charge of your life, no one else take personal responsibility for your actions, be kind and considerate to people. Make this the day that makes a difference by doing everything with love; believe in yourself and your abilities. If you feel you are on the wrong road, make small steps to get off it. Let’s create a community where every one cares for one another without judgment.

Go on give it a go, I am not pink and fluffy, or use a crystal ball, but I do follow my instincts and know the difference between right and wrong. Go on most of you know you have a guardian angel, isn’t it time you started asking for their help, you never know it may make your life better.

Jane Fishlock
Inspirational Angel Teacher, Healer and Medium
Available for Workshops, Talks and Charity Events.



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