CONNECTING WITH ANGELS – a CD for healing and manifestation

Jane Fishlock Meditation CD web image

Call it synchronicity, divine timing or just lucky, if you believe you can do it, you can !

The angels have been encouraging me to channel words and to make a meditation cd. I kept pushing it to the back of my mind until I decided to join the Minehead Street Choir which has been created by the most amazing person called Nigel Neil. I go along to the choir every week, learn to sing and have fun. It’s a great way of meeting new people, learning new skills and finding your voice. Amazing too that when a lot of voices of all different ranges are put together a beautiful sound can be made. Through going to the choir I was able to see that Nigel was able to create the most amazing music and that he has real passion in what he does. He sends us an email each week, he calls them ramblings and highlights what we need to learn, together with a bucket full of positivity, which makes us all feel great(wonderful). I also noticed he had a recording company so I asked him to record the cd.

Nigel and I met and he recorded the channellings from the angels. He then took it away to edit it and create the music for the background. I roared with laughter when he emailed me, he said the first voice edit was ready and that he had removed all of the lip smacks and tuts. I didn’t realise I did that!! Nigel has been an absolute star throughout this project and has really held my hand, he composed the music to go with it and when you listen to the cd you will see how his music wraps around the words, he is truly brilliant.

The artwork for the cd was a different story. I have many wonderful neighbours and we all help each other and look out for each other. Several of them are artists. When Sylvia heard I was looking for artwork she volunteered to paint me a picture. She asked me my thoughts on this and I said I had imagined a burst of light and maybe some feathers to represent the angels. She then listened to the cd and let the picture create through her mind. When she called me down to see the near finished painting I was blown away. Sylvia had painted a wonderful angel walking through the light, when I saw it I felt its emotion and energy and thanked her and the angels for their inspiration once again. What an amazing women, I really didn’t realise how much work went into creating a painting. She said that the angels inspired her to paint this way. She paints mainly miniatures and the detail is outstanding and beautiful. A beautiful painting produced by a beautiful woman.

So there we have it, I believed and trusted that all the right people would be drawn to the project and they were. When the angels guide something it is never wrong, you may wish to trust them and ask for guidance from them in your projects too.

Jane x