Jane Fishlock, Keith Westmancott and a friend of Spiritually Connecting Sally Davison have begun planning their workshops.  Jane and Keith have their very own sections within the site and you can therefore check out their pages (on the links below), we hope you will be inspired to join them at an event in the near future.

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Sally DavisonSally Davison made contact over a year ago after she came across our site, we met for coffee and had a lovely morning connecting, we decided that a link between our websites would be a beneficial to us all.  Since that time I have attended several of her wonderful meditation classes and am therefore extremely pleased that she has recently decided to venture into holding workshops in Bristol.  


Tree of Past Life have pleasure in announcing the new two Saturday workshops now available to book fo
r February 2017.


During this full day you will discover “why you are….who you are” and why you have various thoughts, feelings, traits and habits. By unlocking the deep hidden memories from within in a relaxed and professional manner. This in turn brings understanding and clarity to your own personality. 
A wonderful and very popular workshop to gain balance and strength and of course enjoy yourself.

Where: The Alma Vale Centre, Alma Vale Road, Clifton, Bristol 
When: Saturday 18th February 2017 
Time: 11am-4pm (please arrive 15mins before) 
Refreshments included 
Packed lunch required. 
How to book: Via webpage www.treeofpastlife.co.uk paypal available. Please book in advance, limited places available. £40.00


During this full day you will be professional guided and shown how to connect properly with your soul. By learning to connect properly this will open up your psychic ability and the connection if you wish with spirit. A very informative, practical and interesting workshop which allows you to reach new heights and have a greater confidence in your own energies. An excellent opportunity to try for yourself and most importantly enjoy. This workshop is ideal for anyone wishing to explore and understand just what you are capable off in a warm comfortable and happy atmosphere.

Where: The Alma Vale Centre 
When: Saturday 25th February 2017 
Time: 11am-4pm (please arrive 15 mins before) 
Refreshments and materials included 
Packed lunch required. 
How to book: Via Webpage www.treeofpastlife.co.uk paypal available. Please book in advance, limited places £35.00

For further information please contact me directly, look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kindest Regards 

I hope that you find this post of interest, if you wish to share an event please do make contact.

with love and gratitude

Jackie x