FIREFIGHTING WITH GOD is the story of my life when seen as a journey rather than in parts divided by infancy, childhood, adolescence and adulthood; what many people, including me, equate to having a spiritual perspective; a perspective that changed my life.

Part of my journey was a difficult rather than abusive infancy, and a childhood that left me searching for the Love I didn’t know I lacked.

My successful FireFighting career was completely at odds with a crazy life in and out of relationships.

What changed was drunkenly asking for help at one of the lowest points in my life having been dumped by a long term partner. The help arrived anyway, but not how I would have expected it to.

As a Firefighter I was used to death but not in the way I began to see it when viewed from the spiritual perspective that was inspiring me. I trained as a personal counsellor and was amazed to discover I had a lack of self worth and thus a low esteem. I learnt how and why it had been created as part of my ‘life script’ that had been formed in my earliest of years up to the age of seven from not feeling loved, encouraged or praised.

I began to see my whole life as being lived innocently through an honest ignorance, and started the long process of not blaming everyone else for my behaviours and learning instead to take Personal responsibility.

My hope is that my story will inspire your own by thinking in a different way on your own journey.

If you want to be different, you have to act differently.

If you are searching, it helps to know what for.

Understanding is the cornerstone of growth.

Peter Hamblin

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