As I sit writing today after a holiday away from the UK feeling refreshed and ready to begin the next phase in my life I am truly grateful for the time spent with my hubby and great friends, and forIMG_2394 the close bond we all have.  We are all very individual in our approach to life, but within that we are accepting in our love for each others differences, and this blends us as a group to have fun and laughter, which leads to an upliftment that we all feel as we now move back to the day job!

I am consciously aware that I am truly lucky to be able to connect in my life with people that love and support me for who I am. I know that the differences make us the individuals that we are but all together the same loving souls leading this magical human existence.

Autumn TreeI only flew out for a week, I left in the warm sunshine and returned to Autumn.  Cool fresh mornings with the smell so individual to the season – I love it – the beauty in the colours of the trees as they begin to shed their leaves, as we prepare for winter, to move into hibernating in our human way. We know that as the trees shed their beautiful leaves it is a cycle and we will be rewarded again in a few months as we spot the heads of the daffodils above the soil, reminding us in the depths of winter that this beautiful earth we live on is magnificent in all she offers us.  So today step outside, look at the beauty in the moment, appreciate and relax for a few breaths as you allow yourself to connect to the magnificence of the cycle of nature and all it offers us.

Written with love and gratitude xx