Hi everyone well what rollercoaster of a start to the year as waves of the new energy bringing in wondrous light in order that we walk towards peace and harmony. As the light enters the negative gets the chance to raise to the surface and leave ourselves and our planet to once again allow balance. All sounds fine, even fun doesn’t it! but what does that mean in human terms. Many will find this time disruptive as our level of vibration is increased. So Slow down and let it happen. All is well you see and will settle much more by the end of the summer. Try and concentrate on all of those positive things in your life.
birdFor those who are saying there aren’t any, walk into nature and listen to the birdsong, it will lift your spirits. Many angels are around as the new comes in, whispering new thoughts and new ways of being. Why not spend some time listening to these whispers and feelings. We have all been born at a time of change on our planet and yes it is time to awaken in a different way. The thinking of man must change and become more open and accepting. We all carry wisdom, so why not share that wisdom with everyone you meet, you never know it may change another’s life. It’s important also to feel free at this time to develop in your own unique way. Do not be held down by others actions or thoughts as these are not necessary, yes consider others and share but don’t do anything that doesn’t sit right for you. There is great benefit in having friends and family as long as you don’t forget you and your needs. childrenChildren of our planet are now beginning to awaken to different ways too, so take notice of the changes, especially of the knowledge they bring. Listening to your child either in play or discussion will bring you much more awareness. Take notice also of how your body is feeling and how it reacts to certain foods. We can be our own dieticians when we zone into our bodies and ask it what food do we need right now. For those who are now saying more cake, you can enjoy treats too,  but when you listen to your real physical this may become less frequent. There are many wonderful things ahead for those who are willing to awaken to their true being of light. We all are light and we all are one, we know that it has been difficult or different at this time but the feeling of harmony and balance we will have is there for us in the future. Believe in you, believe in freedom for all, and know what is yours will come.

Sending blessings of light and love to you all.
Jane xxx