It is the intention of the team at Spiritually Connecting to bring to you a variety of writings in the hope that the words inspire you in some way and today it is with great pleasure that we introduce Rachel Fleming as she writes about her experience on a yoga retreat in Greece.


It is coming into the fiery part of the day elementally when my body should be laying down to sleep and process all that has gone on. But it has been a fiery day and fire will often feed more fire. Then there is no space to burn out and die down.

We do need the heat though to cleanse us, warm us, help to get us “fired up”. And it was this need for heat in my bones to heal me that brings me to write again about my experience in Greece this year.

I found myself in Greece, sans family, with a dear teacher who had guided me so well in my early Yoga years. It was mid July and the heat was intense. I found myself sitting in the shade with the dogs and just staring at the plants.

I shared this week with a beautiful group of women who were so kind to me and I really enjoyed sharing stories, meals and experiences with them all. But I was there to rest. After an intense period of adrenal fatigue I had the blessed fortune of a supportive family and was then gifted enough wisdom to go on a retreat for a few days.

photo-4The colours of the land were glorious, the food was delicious and simple and the pace of life a real boon. Kerry who owns the retreat centre would make herbal breakfast tea with a carefully chosen blend of fresh herbs from his garden. Everything on your plate is homemade and mouthwatering. For the first two days I suffered from a really painful throat. Kerry treated me this one morning by administering a swift teaspoon sized dose of propolis down my gullet which was followed later that day by some shiatsu and reiki. And I bawled like a newborn baby. The tears fell onto the hot skin of my face and it was a huge release.

Despite the sore throat I did sing from the very first day. I found myself getting up before class and singing from the Yoga terrace. The outlook of the studio and its terrace is the ocean in all her glory. Her greeny-blue shining back at you in the hot morning sun. It would be about 7am and the sound just flooded out of me. Luckily it was accompanied by my trusty Shruti box, so as not to scare the animals! I sung mantra after mantra, song after song.

I sang in class, at dinner, whenever I could. And something started to happen to me. I became the sea. I became the land. I could hear the earth and the water calling to me. There were no fireworks, visions or visitations, no blackouts or “whizzy whizzy” stuff going on. It was like a whisper and a yearning. It was like being called home.

So this was the beginning of a change. Of refining my work and sticking to my path. I knew that I should be working almost exclusively with women. That’s what brought me such joy. And of course I could and can express that through sound and prayer. Yoga is a vehicle to get me there and for that I’m so extremely grateful, but there is SO much more to explore.

And in this precious place I began to put aside my identities to allow the process of change to take its course.

A few months down the line I find that things are scarily stripped right back. I have withdrawn from many of the attachments in my life. But on the horizon there is Greece. I am returning there in June to teach a Women’s Wellbeing and Yoga retreat. Woohoo and furthermore whoop whoop! How blessed am I?!

So I would urge you to lighten the load. Lose the lists and rethink your life. Make your health, loved ones and happiness your priority. Check in with yourself. And if you’re a woman, join me this year.

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So much love to you all in 2016 and I hope you find the courage to be the happiest you have ever been.