Jane Fishlock…………………..

I work with angels and light beings, and yes I have tried to ignore what really is my passion, but Jane blue backgroundthe long and short of it is that if you don’t work with your true hearts desire then life has a way of halting you.

Inspirational Angel Teacher, Healer and Medium
Available for Workshops, Talks and Charity Events

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Ian David Spencer……………………..

Promotional photo

Ian is a photographer and artist, he produces beautiful photographs and then transforms them into wonderful mystical prints.

Ian’s work is inspired by mystical tales, ancient lands, nature, cosmic awesomeness and will transform your inner and outer spaces!

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Annie & Keith Westmancott………..

Keith & Annie

We are so pleased that Annie & Keith have joined the team.  They inspire in areas not covered by the others within the team, such as tarot and astrology.

They are available for workshops and courses and have a page with items for sale.

Visit their page to connect with their fantastic individual and combined energy, you may just be inspired to take part in something new and exciting.

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Jackie Winslow…………….Jackie

I am a Reiki practitioner working from my home, I also currently run several meditation groups which are held on a monthly basis.  I love connecting with people and if I can help reduce their stress if only for a moment or two I couldn’t be happier.

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Aleksandra Lech………………………Aleksandra Lech

We really hope that you will take a look at Aleksandra’s section on the site, it not only includes information about Aleks and her passion about it also has video section, which we hope to grow over the coming months.

This is a little snippet from her page:

I have a had a passion for Tarot and astrology since 1996…….As a mostly self-taught enthusiast, I have learnt to use the cards and astrology whilst travelling, having frequent contact with experts and practising continuously. Although I have the necessary qualifications to be a Tarot reader and Reiki master, I strongly believe that life itself is the best teacher: being in touch with our feelings, getting to know others, listening to our intuition, bringing love, compassion and joy!

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