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The team has just had a wonderful time at the Healing Weekend at Secret World in Somerset, a very special event in its seventh year. It is extremely popular, drawing visitors from all over the UK and other parts of the world.  The positive energy that surrounds the three days is just amazing.

The hosts, Elaine Fenton and Ron Tropman along with their team, hold an event that is well run and does not just include readers and healers but a whole array of performances and workshops.  There truly is something for everyone.


So it was time this year for Jane Fishlock and Lorraine Lane to move from visitor to stall holder
and what a brilliant decision that was.

Lorraine, Stephen, Jane, Pete and many of their friends arrived at the site on Thursday evening to erect the marquee and set up the beautiful space on plot number 21. I wasn’t present but from the stories I’ve heard the laughter started from the very beginning and this really did continue the tone for the whole weekend.

IMG_5229I drove from Bristol on Friday morning, the journey was a straightforward one, made even easier with the Healing Weekend signs posted showing the way from the motorway. I arrived at the sign for the carpark and there were two or three men in their high vis jackets ready to help. I parked the car in a field, thankfully it was dry, and hopped on the bus that was waiting and paid my £1 although I needn’t have bothered as it really was a short trip, easily walked for someone as able as myself but excellent for those who would struggle to walk a little over 5 minutes. Next I was welcomed by some friendly ladies, I passed over my £5 and received a ticket and was directed through the door of the Secret World (the weekend raises much needed funds for the Secret World charity)

I walked through the building and out into a court yard where you can be side tracked by the animals, but I continued up the path past the Emu and ducks to another greeting point, here I showed my ticket and had my hand stamped, and I was invited to take a program. The program clearly sets out the events being held during the day, (some of which you buy an extra ticket) and provides a map in the centre showing where each stall holder is positioned. It was early, as I had arrived at the opening time of 10am, but the fields were already buzzing with energy. The pitches around the main tents were so bright and cheery with enthusiastic people ready to welcome visitors for the day.

I arrived at Jane and Lorraine’s area, how beautiful it looked. Brightly coloured bunting and banners were up, the tables laid out, the variation not surprising as Lorraine and Jane are so different, but beautiful in both their ways. Hugs all round and it was time to start, Lorraine had her first reading, so outside the rest of us went, we had chairs scattered around so that visitors could pop by and have a chat or even as the day went on receive a little hands on healing.

Lorraine's Special SpaceJane's Special Space

I had fun inviting people to take a channelled message, prepared by Jane, from a beautiful box filled with scrolls tied with lace. Most people would be intrigued, especially as they were free, as they dipped in their hands. I loved the reaction of surprise when the message was so apt! I had some lovely conversations with them explaining how Lorraine and Jane would be working during the weekend and encouraging them to join in a free Question and Answer session that the ladies were holding between 2pm and 3pm each of the days.

Two o’clock came and some familiar faces arrived and some new ones, Jane started the session and between her and Lorraine they began answering questions. The questions were slow to come at first but once one or two had be answered people began to feel comfortable and the session really began to flow. I took photographs of the group, there were about 8-10 people present which was lovely, and then decided to have some time to myself and take a look around the event.

It was magical, it seemed that everyone I passed or met had a smile on their faces or just seemed extremely content in the atmosphere. The main tent was filled with colour and chatter. I met a gentleman named Ian David that had a stall of the most wonderful pictures, I was mesmerised by them, they simply drew you in (Ian has an online shop on etsy – iandavidart and also a Facebook page by the same name)IanDavidArt

I then had a little wander through the healing tent, the modalities on offer are too numerous to mention but I am sure that there was something for everyone. It was in this tent I met up with Sophie O’Brien, she was carrying out a holistic massage session on this occasion, but I am aware that she is also an Aromatherapist (you can find her on Facebook – Soflexology Massage Therapies). I then took a stroll around the smaller areas, meeting up with old friends and making some new ones. My lovely friend Rosemary had her very own space where she carried out healing, she explained that this year the Hopi Ear Candle therapyNew artwork just released - "Cosmology Of Stone". This is a shot of part of the Merry Maidens stone circle in Cornwall and given the "Ian David" cosmic treatment was very popular. We also talked about how delighted she was to be holding mediation in the performance tent each morning, I know from experience that these would be very special sessions and that people were sure to arrive at her space to purchase her meditation CDs during the weekend. (You can find out more about Rosemary on this site (click here)) I moved on to the food tent, the cakes were amazing! The variety of food covered most dietary combinations I am sure.

So the first day drew to a close, we put everything neatly away in the gazebo and I made my way back up the motorway, feeling tired but very content.

The following two days were much the same routine, although the weather on Sunday did slow things a little. On Saturday I spoke to lots and lots of people and really did mention the Q&A session to everyone I could while also promoting the website that the ladies share (www.sprituallyconnecting.co.uk) with others to advertise their events. Jane and Lorraine were busy carrying out readings, their slots being filled as their names were being shared with others at the event, and of course the next 2pm session came around and people began to arrive as we set out as many chairs as we could. I made the decision to go off again, leaving approx 12 people around the pitch and 50 minutes or so later when I returned I could not believe the number of people stood around talking, the session had grown from 12 people to 35-40 and I had missed it! The energy of that group as they stood talking about the session and making new friends was certainly a beautiful sight.  As people started to wander off the team were left feeling elated at the magic that had occurred.

So as you can see the first event at the Healing Weekend for Jane and Lorraine went beyond what they could have imagined, they certainly made an impact with their very unique styles! I personally had a great time and felt very privileged to be involved in something so special.

With love and gratitude
Jackie x

p.s. Next year the event will be held on the 8th to the 10th July and I am aware that Ron and Elaine are already started the process of organising this fantastic event.


Below is Spiritually Connecting’s first try at promoting the lovely team on Utube, this is a shortened version of the above but does have lots of lovely photos included – watch out for more!