Spring Message – Jane Fishlock

Hi everyone well what rollercoaster of a start to the year as waves of the new energy bringing in wondrous light in order that we walk towards peace and harmony. As the light enters the negative gets the chance to raise to the surface and leave ourselves and our planet to once again allow balance. All sounds fine, even fun doesn’t it! but what does that mean in human terms. Many will find this time disruptive as our level of vibration is increased. So Slow down and let it happen. All is well you see and will settle much more by the end of the summer. Try and concentrate on all of those positive things in your life.
birdFor those who are saying there aren’t any, walk into nature and listen to the birdsong, it will lift your spirits. Many angels are around as the new comes in, whispering new thoughts and new ways of being. Why not spend some time listening to these whispers and feelings. […]

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Spring message from Jane


Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well, and enjoying the wonderful spring time and the sunshine that it is bringing us at the moment. How many of you saw or experienced the feeling of the eclipse. As is my life I actually forgot about it as I had just come from the gym (a new and very satisfying regime I have adopted) and was visiting a friend in Dunster. I was walking along enjoying the bird song and felt that the light was very different around me, so as is my whim I was just embracing the light. Until I noticed a man in his overalls talking to several people and looking through something towards the sun. The penny then dropped and I remembered, Continue reading “Spring message from Jane” »

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