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Hello everyone, firstly I would like to thank you all for the overwhelming response to my last newsletter, Pete and I feel very blessed by the beautiful and loving messages we received.

I am regularly asked when and where the next event is likely to be so I thought on this occasion I would keep this news simple and let you know that the next Angel Workshop is on the 29th November at Dunster Tithe Barn.  For more information please contact me, my details are all available on my events page at, together with a list of all other events.

The Diary for 2016 is already beginning to fill up, we are booked for divine services and clairvoyant evenings at Bideford Centre of Light Spiritualist Church, Barnstaple Christian Spiritualist Church and Alcombe Spiritualist Church. I will be holding an Angel Workshop on the 11th June in Barnstaple and I am currently planning new dates for Bristol and Dunster. I am looking forward to another exciting year.

with love

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Jane & Lorraine at the Healing Weekend

I have uploaded this blog as a recording so that you have the option to either listen while working on the computer or read it at your leisure, but please don’t forget to look at the photos and use the links that are available!


The team has just had a wonderful time at the Healing Weekend at Secret World in Somerset, a very special event in its seventh year. It is extremely popular, drawing visitors from all over the UK and other parts of the world.  The positive energy that surrounds the three days is just amazing.

The hosts, Elaine Fenton and Ron Tropman along with their team, hold an event that is well run and does not just include readers and healers but a whole array of performances and workshops.  There truly is something for everyone.


So it was time this year for Jane Fishlock and Lorraine Lane to move from visitor to stall holder
and what a brilliant decision that was.

Lorraine, Stephen, Jane, Pete and many of […]

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Summer Message from Jane

Jane blue background

Hi everyone, isn’t the year just marching on and isn’t the world changing too. I often feel that we concentrate on the negative things that we see or hear about, which is or has been the way of many in the past. Of course there is a lot of pain and suffering in the world which we wish didn’t happen and through the course of tragedy and pain many lives are changed. I like to try and look at the world differently! We are all part of this world and this universe, so this means we are all important, doesn’t it. So if you are as important as the next person that means you are able to affect change. Help the world to be a better place, talk kindly to everyone, listen when needed and take action when appropriate. We all can change our world, we all collectively can create the biggest wave of love which in turn will affect the way we perceive and reach out to each other. My heart cries when I see the news of people dying at the hand of a gunman, or the people trying to find a home in another country only to be turned away, and part of me screams when I hear the word fracking. Don’t we realise how we are breaking the underground structure of our earth. I spend a lot of time travelling around repairing and putting the light back into our earth as do many others, that’s because I truly believe that we are to honour the land that gives us life and holds us in balance and harmony. I believe that we are all Continue reading “Summer Message from Jane” »

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Secret World Healing Weekend

A weekend you won’t want to miss, this is a very special event so make sure you put the date in the diary!


(Click on the picture to enlarge)

I attended this event for the first time in 2014, wow I wish I’d made the effort before, it was amazing so many gifted people sharing their time and energy as they either worked for spirit or just simply shared this wonderful space to talk, laugh and have an uplifting time.

Jane Fishlock and Sparkling Rain (Lorraine) have reserved a space of their own and will be holding one to one readings, mini workshops and lots more, we will give more details nearer the date.

p.s you can also keep a check on events on Our Facebook page –

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Pictures can affect our emotions in so many ways

A feeling of peace

A feeling of movement and energy


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