The me I am meant to be

Consider life as a Spiritual cooperative. Where developing the real self is not dependent on money, but a shared gift from one to another and to see ‘paying a kindness forward’ as enough.
Learn how to love yourself, and thus another, each walking a different path to the same destination.
Giving to another, for the value of love alone, will light your way to enlightenment.
Loving another, because you can, is the way to fulfilment.
Love is the way to find your true self by keeping hope alive.
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Men-An-Tol: Fact and Fiction – An artist’s impression.

The Men-An-Tol stones are one of the best known standing stones we have in Cornwall. There is no mistaking the amazing ring stone with it’s two uprights either side. Together with their remote location they have a slightly strange and ethereal quality no doubt enhanced by the various folklore stories surrounding them. Enter a visionary artist! For me the overriding feel is cosmic and just shouts portals and gateways – hopefully you know where I am coming from – and no I haven’t been inspired by Erich Von Daniken! With that inspiration in mind, I took my first photos of them in the Spring of 2012 and the result was my first ever standing stone artworks. Titled simply and no doubt boringly “Men-An-Tol 1” (back in those days my titles weren’t so poetic) it became a bestseller in that year. In 2014 I revised the original slightly giving the image a colour tweak that will no doubt confuse future art historians! I also created […]

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Spiritually Connecting Blog July 16 – Lupton Holistic Festival

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Rachel Fleming’s Healing Greek Experience

It is the intention of the team at Spiritually Connecting to bring to you a variety of writings in the hope that the words inspire you in some way and today it is with great pleasure that we introduce Rachel Fleming as she writes about her experience on a yoga retreat in Greece.


It is coming into the fiery part of the day elementally when my body should be laying down to sleep and process all that has gone on. But it has been a fiery day and fire will often feed more fire. Then there is no space to burn out and die down.

We do need the heat though to cleanse us, warm us, help to get us “fired up”. And it was this need for heat in my bones to heal me that brings me to write again about my experience in Greece this year.

I found myself in Greece, sans family, with a dear teacher who had guided me so well in my early Yoga years. It was mid July […]

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Art from the 5th Dimension and Beyond; A fresh perspective…..

2016 marks five years of my artistic journey. During this time many title changes have reflected my creative thinking, each one a conveyor of the style of my art and perhaps more accurately the artist’s vision. As the journey continues – and it will continue for as long as I feel able to sustain my spiritual and creative wellbeing – I arrive at another destination and point in time with an effective and sustainable “mood board” to illustrate my vision, one that feels firmly rooted in my psyche. It is a launch pad for a multi-dimensional journey where I can alight at will, observe, create, bring the artistic interpretations back to the viewers realm and then resume my travels to the next destination. I am reminded of an alien in an early Star Trek episode who says “you are being taken under our power to your destination”!

As corporeal beings we inhabit a 5-dimensional universe; that is we exist in and are aware of a 5-dimensional plane of existence – length, width, height, time and […]

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Spring Message – Jane Fishlock

Hi everyone well what rollercoaster of a start to the year as waves of the new energy bringing in wondrous light in order that we walk towards peace and harmony. As the light enters the negative gets the chance to raise to the surface and leave ourselves and our planet to once again allow balance. All sounds fine, even fun doesn’t it! but what does that mean in human terms. Many will find this time disruptive as our level of vibration is increased. So Slow down and let it happen. All is well you see and will settle much more by the end of the summer. Try and concentrate on all of those positive things in your life.
birdFor those who are saying there aren’t any, walk into nature and listen to the birdsong, it will lift your spirits. Many angels are around as the new comes in, whispering new thoughts and new ways of being. Why not spend some time listening to these whispers and feelings. […]

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It’s February already!

I don’t know how you are feeling but to me the past month has zipped by, its been a mixed month of new promises to myself to improve my diet, move my body (walking and yoga are my thing) and to tap into my creativity.  The fact is, its been slow on all three promises but I am not going to beat myself up, I have the confidence that I will achieve what I need to achieve and that confidence is key!

Dark January is generally a difficult month, most of us start with great intentions setting ourselves challenging actions to carry out in a month that is wet, windy and dark! We all need to remember, as I mentioned last month, that to love ourselves is of utmost importance. I am personally working each day to implement just a small change and to include a little time for the promises I made to myself.

I am a very lucky lady, I have several lovely things to look forward to, […]

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Sanctuary and Spirit – The Nature Connection.

One of my favourite pastimes is a brisk walk in the countryside – in virtually any weather! And in any case when you have a dog, you have no excuse! Very close to where I live is a network of lanes meandering through beautiful lush countryside. The landscape is varied with fields, woodland, rivers and lots of ancient trees. It has been said many times but I make no apology for repeating – a walk in nature is an inspired, healthy and holistic choice for reducing stress, not to mention a good way of getting away from it all! More often than not, any worries or concerns are sidelined when I am out in this environment. I am also much more relaxed, feel free and, as an artist, inspired. I feel spiritually connected to our natural environment.

I stop to listen to nature’s sounds – the wind in the trees, look up into their canopies and feel their spiritual presence. I stop to take in the sound of flowing rivers and the delicate trickle of […]

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Happy New Year…..the year ahead

Happy New Year to you all, I wish you all a year of peace, good health and happiness.

It is with joy that I excitedly move forward into 2016, I am looking forward to a year of fun and laughter along with some hard work. My manifestation book is flowing with the things I wish to bring forth in my life, all my wishes are equally important, but I do hope I can spread joy and happiness by connecting with people through this website. The site started out as a small project to help people connect and over the past year it has evolved to something much bigger than I expected! The process has certainly taken me on a journey of discovery, I have managed to learn so many new things in the past year and I am hopeful that those skills will continue to grow.

You will no doubt remember that Jane Fishlock recorded several videos at the end of last year, with the help of myself and some great equipment, they were uploaded to You Tube […]

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Jane Fishlock – Take Action Now to help our Planet

Hi everyone, I am asking you to Take Action Now to help our planet.  This is my message to you in video form, below is the message in text format as I received it, but I do hope that you connect with the message via the YouTube video.

You will also find 2 more videos on the You Tube Channel ‘Spiritually Connecting‘ (although just searching on my name will get you to where you want to be!) I have included my meditation track for Planetary Healing so you may start, if you wish, to help heal the planet with me.

My Message:

Hi this is a personal request from me to you and requires action NOW.

Some of you may remember that I have made a cd and part of that cd is where we can all join in the union of souls and help to heal our beautiful planet.

So this is what I am doing as I believe in our earth and believe that we can live in harmony. I will attend any group and am prepared […]

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Welcome to my world – please step inside!

A very warm welcome to my pages on Spiritually Connecting. I am honoured to be here! Over the coming weeks I will write about my work or any related subject that I find inspiring that I hope will help readers along the spiritual path. But for my first blog I will tell you a bit more about my path to becoming an artist as well as an insight into my other interests and inspirations and how I believe my art can help heal, inspire or simply draw you into a magical realm!

It was late 2010 and very early one morning, at around 5am, I woke up. Nothing unusual about that but what followed was what I can only describe as a spiritual experience – that I will never forget. As I lay in bed just in a state of consciousness I was aware of how dark my environment was but still able to make sense of my surroundings. I was aware of the room I was in, the bed I had slept in, my partner […]

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Update on Events with Jane

Hello everyone, firstly I would like to thank you all for the overwhelming response to my last newsletter, Pete and I feel very blessed by the beautiful and loving messages we received.

I am regularly asked when and where the next event is likely to be so I thought on this occasion I would keep this news simple and let you know that the next Angel Workshop is on the 29th November at Dunster Tithe Barn.  For more information please contact me, my details are all available on my events page at, together with a list of all other events.

The Diary for 2016 is already beginning to fill up, we are booked for divine services and clairvoyant evenings at Bideford Centre of Light Spiritualist Church, Barnstaple Christian Spiritualist Church and Alcombe Spiritualist Church. I will be holding an Angel Workshop on the 11th June in Barnstaple and I am currently planning new dates for Bristol and Dunster. I am looking forward to another exciting year.

with love

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The Magnificence

As I sit writing today after a holiday away from the UK feeling refreshed and ready to begin the next phase in my life I am truly grateful for the time spent with my hubby and great friends, and forIMG_2394 the close bond we all have.  We are all very individual in our approach to life, but within that we are accepting in our love for each others differences, and this blends us as a group to have fun and laughter, which leads to an upliftment that we all feel as we now move back to the day job!

I am consciously aware that I am truly lucky to be able to connect in my life with people that love and support me for who I am. I know that the differences make us the individuals that we are but all together the same loving souls leading this magical human existence.

Autumn TreeI only flew out for a week, I […]

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