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Lorraine Lane – May 2017

Lorraine has not been able to work for a while but she is now stepping gently back into the limelight, so we thought we would take the opportunity on her first venture back to show that she is on form!

Monday’s clairvoyance evening was hosted by Enchanted Mystical Moments and held at Corsham Football club, it was a very well attended and the evening was full of fun, laughter, joy and love and all the proceeds went towards local families and Charities.

We hope you enjoy the short video of the evening

Jackie x


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Workshops and updates!

Jane Fishlock, Keith Westmancott and a friend of Spiritually Connecting Sally Davison have begun planning their workshops.  Jane and Keith have their very own sections within the site and you can therefore check out their pages (on the links below), we hope you will be inspired to join them at an event in the near future.

Click here to be taken to Jane’s event page

Click here to be taken to Keith & Annie’s Section

Sally DavisonSally Davison made contact over a year ago after she came across our site, we met for coffee and had a lovely morning connecting, we decided that a link between our websites would be a beneficial to us all.  Since that time I have attended several of her wonderful meditation classes and am therefore extremely pleased that she has recently decided to venture into holding workshops in Bristol.  


Tree of Past Life have pleasure in announcing the new two Saturday […]

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Would you like a day with Sandy Ingham and Ann Westmancott?

Annie's cardsandbookMany of us know that Ann Westmancott has a talent for art, you only need to check out her Nature Cards to see that she has a gift, but recently Ann decided it was time to try something new in the art field and this led her to join Sandy Ingham for a weekend of tuition.

Many of us also feel we have absolutely no talent for drawing but many of these thoughts are from our childhood failures in the school art class! Have you tried using a pencil or charcoal and drawing on your intuition? Many people are amazed once they start the process how good they are and how satisfying it is to see on paper what is in the mind.

Sandy Ingham is passionate about her psychic and mediumistic abilities and it is incredibly important for to her to be able to share the gift which allows her to leave a tangible piece of evidence in the recipients hands.  Many people have had the privilege of sitting […]

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Spiritually Connecting Blog July 16 – Lupton Holistic Festival

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Lorraine Lane Today

We are really happy to confirm that Lorraine is feeling much better, her diary is filling up and she is excited to be connecting with you all at an event very soon.  

Tonight (Thursday 9th) Lorraine will be at Moonbeams in Gloucester and on the 24th June she will be in Cam. To keep up to date with all Lorraine’s events check out her 2016 Events Page, it has everything listed up to the end of August, and over the coming weeks we will add future dates to the list.

It is always a pleasure connecting with you, I wish you a truly fabulous Thursday

Jackie x

p.s. don’t forget to press the Subscribe button (at the bottom of the page on mobile devices) to be notified of our blogs, we won’t inundate you with stuff but hopefully just enough to keep you in touch with our team!



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Happy May Day and this weeks news!

Before wishing you all a happy May Day I thought it would be a good idea to read a little about the days significance and the basis of the Spring Bank Holiday.  We often lose sight of why we stop and celebrate, simply seeing the holidays as a long weekend to meet up with friends and relatives, this is not a bad thing but I do think that sometimes it is good to look at how our ancestors celebrated the Earths cycle.

While searching for the answers I found that the earliest May Day celebrations appeared in pre-Christian times, with the Floralia, festival of Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers.  It is a day mainly celebrated in the northern hemisphere with festivals and public holidays but many cultures also celebrate this wonderful time of spring.

panier-fleuriIn the United Kingdom May Day has been a traditional day of festivities throughout the centuries.  Over this weekend many towns and villages will be celebrating springtime with village fetes and community […]

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Rachel Fleming’s Healing Greek Experience

It is the intention of the team at Spiritually Connecting to bring to you a variety of writings in the hope that the words inspire you in some way and today it is with great pleasure that we introduce Rachel Fleming as she writes about her experience on a yoga retreat in Greece.


It is coming into the fiery part of the day elementally when my body should be laying down to sleep and process all that has gone on. But it has been a fiery day and fire will often feed more fire. Then there is no space to burn out and die down.

We do need the heat though to cleanse us, warm us, help to get us “fired up”. And it was this need for heat in my bones to heal me that brings me to write again about my experience in Greece this year.

I found myself in Greece, sans family, with a dear teacher who had guided me so well in my early Yoga years. It was mid July […]

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A brief introduction to Tarot with Keith Westmancott


I recently had the pleasure of visiting Keith and Annie Westmancott at their home on the outskirts of Bristol.  Keith’s philosophy towards knowledge is, ‘what is the point if you cant share it’ and so with this in mind he agreed to record the first of what we hope will be a series of short videos on the subject of Tarot, we hope that you enjoy Keith’s message and we look forward to posting more in the future.

I am extremely grateful to Keith and Annie for sharing their time with me and for promoting our wonderful website.

Until the next time –  “wherever you go, go with all your heart” -Confucius

With love and gratitude

Jackie x


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Spring Message – Jane Fishlock

Hi everyone well what rollercoaster of a start to the year as waves of the new energy bringing in wondrous light in order that we walk towards peace and harmony. As the light enters the negative gets the chance to raise to the surface and leave ourselves and our planet to once again allow balance. All sounds fine, even fun doesn’t it! but what does that mean in human terms. Many will find this time disruptive as our level of vibration is increased. So Slow down and let it happen. All is well you see and will settle much more by the end of the summer. Try and concentrate on all of those positive things in your life.
birdFor those who are saying there aren’t any, walk into nature and listen to the birdsong, it will lift your spirits. Many angels are around as the new comes in, whispering new thoughts and new ways of being. Why not spend some time listening to these whispers and feelings. […]

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Happy Mothers Day (plus a quick update!)

Happy Mothering Sunday, a glorious day in Bristol as I celebrate being a mother and a daughter.  I know that in todays society many feel that the celebratory days are over commercialised, that they have lost the true meaning. I believe this to be true but to hold a day that brings mothers together with their families even for a just a few precious moments in person or on the phone then what a great day it will be.

Life is so busy that many forget that it is fleeting, before we know it the lady that raised us is struggling with health issues, is finding it difficult to do the very things she did for us and then one day becomes a memory within our hearts. So yes the companies all try their best to encourage us to open our purses but a kind word of appreciation is all that is really needed, a little time to acknowledge how the lady helped shape you into the wonderful adult you are now.

Countries around the world hold […]

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It’s February already!

I don’t know how you are feeling but to me the past month has zipped by, its been a mixed month of new promises to myself to improve my diet, move my body (walking and yoga are my thing) and to tap into my creativity.  The fact is, its been slow on all three promises but I am not going to beat myself up, I have the confidence that I will achieve what I need to achieve and that confidence is key!

Dark January is generally a difficult month, most of us start with great intentions setting ourselves challenging actions to carry out in a month that is wet, windy and dark! We all need to remember, as I mentioned last month, that to love ourselves is of utmost importance. I am personally working each day to implement just a small change and to include a little time for the promises I made to myself.

I am a very lucky lady, I have several lovely things to look forward to, […]

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Happy New Year…..the year ahead

Happy New Year to you all, I wish you all a year of peace, good health and happiness.

It is with joy that I excitedly move forward into 2016, I am looking forward to a year of fun and laughter along with some hard work. My manifestation book is flowing with the things I wish to bring forth in my life, all my wishes are equally important, but I do hope I can spread joy and happiness by connecting with people through this website. The site started out as a small project to help people connect and over the past year it has evolved to something much bigger than I expected! The process has certainly taken me on a journey of discovery, I have managed to learn so many new things in the past year and I am hopeful that those skills will continue to grow.

You will no doubt remember that Jane Fishlock recorded several videos at the end of last year, with the help of myself and some great equipment, they were uploaded to You Tube […]

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Events update for the Team

Hi everyone,

I know that we are all feeling a bit shell shocked from all the recent news across the world but as the saying goes ‘the show must go on’, and so with this in mind I thought you might like to know that some members of the Spiritually Connecting team are busy over this weekend and next.  This weekend you have an opportunity if you live or visit Wales to meet up with Rosemary Griffiths in Swansea, or alternatively meet up with Lorraine Lane in Bristol. In the South West of the country next weekend Ian David will be in Newquay and Jane Fishlock will be in Duster.


So what can you expect at these various events?  

This weekend will certainly give you a chance to experience Rosemary’s unique healing at the Health & Wellbeing Show and in Bristol Lorraine is holding a Psychic Fayre with a variety of stalls including readers, healers and stallholders that just might inspire you to purchase a gift for someone special (or of course you could treat yourself!)

Next […]

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The Magnificence

As I sit writing today after a holiday away from the UK feeling refreshed and ready to begin the next phase in my life I am truly grateful for the time spent with my hubby and great friends, and forIMG_2394 the close bond we all have.  We are all very individual in our approach to life, but within that we are accepting in our love for each others differences, and this blends us as a group to have fun and laughter, which leads to an upliftment that we all feel as we now move back to the day job!

I am consciously aware that I am truly lucky to be able to connect in my life with people that love and support me for who I am. I know that the differences make us the individuals that we are but all together the same loving souls leading this magical human existence.

Autumn TreeI only flew out for a week, I […]

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New Team Member Ian David Spencer Visionary Artist

We are very pleased to announce that Ian David Spencer is now a member of the team at www.spirituallyconnecting.co.uk.  Ian is a photographic artist and I met him at the Secret World Healing Weekend in the summer. I was absolutely delighted to find myself stood in front of such lovely art work, I found myself mesmerised by the pieces in front of me.

I spoke about the aims of our site and he quite quickly decided to join the team.  Ian had been looking for a new platform to display his magical art and also to be able to write about the inspiration behind the pieces, we were definitely meant to meet that day! It has taken us a few months to get the section right but I am delighted with the outcome, I hope you all agree!

So please take a visit to Ian’s pages, you may just find that you are inspired to buy a piece for yourself, a family member or friend.

written with love and gratitude


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Spiritually Connecting Latest News

IMG_5886My goodness what a busy summer it has been for the team, so many spiritual connections in so many ways. I hope you are able to take a little time to read this post even though it is slight wordy as I feel that it’s about time that I gave you an update of the team.

Jane Fishlock and Lorraine Lane made such an impact at the Secret World Healing Weekend that they have been busy working together taking their Question and Answer sessions to other events.

Lorraine had a very busy July with Clairvoyant evenings and the Sparkling Rain Spiritual Fayre at Kingsweston House. The Sparkling Rain team are also planning lots more exciting things over the coming months, Lorraine’s events page has all the latest info.

IMG_5520Jane Fishlock and Pete Hamblin took a well deserved break during August as they tied the knot during a beautiful ceremony surrounded by their family and friends, they are both back working and filling their diaries, so if you wish to see them on an individual basis or perhaps at a workshop or divine service you would be very wise to check out their pages.

Rosemary Griffiths has also been busy holding workshops and setting up her special healing space at fayres across Wales and the South West, a special mention must be made for the Diamond White Light Activation workshop and meditations that she led at the Secret World Healing Weekend they were extremely well attended and received lots of praise. Rosemary is now preparing for the a 7 day retreat is holding in Bude, as well as the West of Wales Show please check out her events page for more detail on all her events.

SummerSo what have I been doing? I have had an up and down summer as I am sure you all have on some level, the super moons have had such an impact! Continue reading “Spiritually Connecting Latest News” »

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August Sparkling Rain Event

Sparkling Rain Events presents an evening of Clairvoyance.

Lorraine Lane & Steve Howell will working together in a scheduled clairvoyant evening for the first time. However, we’ve had a lot of practice at working together having high jacked each others evenings on a number of occasions, making un-scheduled guest appearances which have always gone well. So now its time for the real thing, so come and join us at the Centurys Club in Kingswood, in the wonderful Samuel Suite on Sunday 23rd August 2015.

This is a great venue with comfortable seating and a lovely ambience, if you’ve not been there before reassured you will love it. And this place really is disabled friendly with a purpose built lift and marked disabled parking in he free carpark. We are genuinely excited and can’t and interest is already high so book your ticket soon which can be collected on the door.

Tickets cost £7.00 per person in advance or £8.00 on the door.

To purchase tickets or for more information contact:  Stephen Lane 07950106023 or Centurys Club on: […]

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Sparkling Rain Event July 19th 2015

Hi everyone hope you enjoy the clip all about the Sparkling Rain Event this weekend, I am sure it will be a very special day, a day with lots of variety to keep the whole family involved.

with love and gratitude

Jackie x

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Jane & Lorraine at the Healing Weekend

I have uploaded this blog as a recording so that you have the option to either listen while working on the computer or read it at your leisure, but please don’t forget to look at the photos and use the links that are available!


The team has just had a wonderful time at the Healing Weekend at Secret World in Somerset, a very special event in its seventh year. It is extremely popular, drawing visitors from all over the UK and other parts of the world.  The positive energy that surrounds the three days is just amazing.

The hosts, Elaine Fenton and Ron Tropman along with their team, hold an event that is well run and does not just include readers and healers but a whole array of performances and workshops.  There truly is something for everyone.


So it was time this year for Jane Fishlock and Lorraine Lane to move from visitor to stall holder
and what a brilliant decision that was.

Lorraine, Stephen, Jane, Pete and many of […]

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We welcome a new member

Rosemary GriffithsThe team at Spiritually Connecting is extremely pleased to welcome Rosemary Griffiths.

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting Rosemary she is full of energy and pleasure to work with.  I have been lucky enough to join her on two retreats and they taught me a great deal about myself and helped me move beyond my comfort zone!

Rosemary will be working her magic at the Secret World Healing Weekend on the 10th 11th & 12th July so if you can why not pop along and meet her, if this is not possible you may like to find out more about her and what she has to offer on her dedicated pages Click Here to go straight to Rosemary’s pages.




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