I have been drawn to write down thoughts from time to time, so I hope you don’t mind me contacting you, I can’t say it’s a newsletter, I can say these are channelled thoughts brought to you by the light, to aid you on your very own pathway of light. If any of the thoughts resonate with you then you know they are for you. If my stories just manage to raise a smile, or if I am lucky, an inner chuckle, then that is reward enough. I will also take this as an opportunity to tell you about the things I am up to and also maybe introduce a few other people that may be of interest to you.

Isn’t it interesting how children can take away our worries and our cares just by playing and make believe. We spent yesterday at the beach with friends who had brought along their granddaughter. I spent time dancing in the sea with her, jumping waves and making up silly songs. I came home uplifted, joyful and full of new energy.
The sea cleanses our body and auric field as it is full of tiny crystals made up by our beautiful earth. It is able to take away aches and pains, to heal the outer skin and to somehow reset our balance. Now I know that Great Britain’s waters are normally cold, but even the coldness can get our bodies flowing, unblocking and lifting heavy energy that we collect on our daily trundle we call life. So go on if you are able, give it a go. For those of you that are not able to get into the sea or go to the beach, what about searching your heart and revisiting those playful days of childhood memories or stories. Failing that pick up a shell and hold it to your ear, let that journey take you back to the sea.
So is it the playing or is it that we just stop just for a day and let the love that we are all born with unlock from our hearts, you decide, all I know is that I feel magnificent again today for having that experience .

A bit about Angels and Angel workshops I run.

People often ask me what are they about and what happens at these workshops. I have worked with the angels for many years experiencing lots of joyful things. But life as you know can get hard to bear at times and I have found that sometimes when we get a little downhearted, or maybe a little stuck, unable to find a solution that this is when the angels can really help. I am unusual and have always felt different, but I ask you, isn’t there something unusual about us all? Don’t we all have something we consider to be a little different to others, I believe we all have gifts and this is just mine. So I continue, when I run an angel workshop an angel enters my vibrational field and pours its light through me into you also delivering channelled words at the same time.

For me personally, I feel very honoured to be able to deliver for the angelic realms as their light is around of us, all I am doing is raising their awareness and I hope helping to teach and encourage everyone to link into their own angelic light, as it is available for all. The Angels have taught me to look at life in a very different way, to go with the flow, to not expect anything, but to accept everything. I say to flow is to glow.
The angels carry all the colour vibrations but all carry the golden energy of love brought through them from our creation and by our creator. This energy reignites us and encourages us to push forward a little and make the changes that we have been thinking about, that perhaps some of us have been pushing to the back of our minds. We are reminded that we are here on earth to experience different things, and yes some of them will be challenging. Always remember along side of the challenges there are always opportunities for joy, as in life there has to be a balance between good and bad, light and dark, its just that sometimes we forget.
The Angelic realms now wish to open there light more on our earth and raise their awareness to us all, so that they become part of our everyday life for help, encouragement and love. The workshops are for all adults wishing to find out more about their magnificence.

Just a little message from the angels, why not try yourself to bring peace into your household, your street, your village, your workplace, or our world. All you have to do is hold that thought of pure harmony and peace in your mind and bring that thought to where you want it to work, try it and see what happens, notice the difference as when you apply peace and love everything can change, we little people of our earth can make a difference, lets all start now.