Jackie WinslowWelcome, my name is Jackie and I live in the beautiful city of Bristol, I have been drawn to build this website so that people working for spirit have a new platform to reach the community, they are all lovely people working with love. Undoubtedly they have all had challenges through life but have come to learn over a process of time that love is the best way to hold a fulfilled way of life. They all work in their own unique way.

You will see in the pages that they all offer a way to guide you, if you wish, to finding your divine path, higher self awareness in a variety of ways.

I believe we are all here living a human life to learn about love and each and everyone of us will be drawn to a way of life that strikes a spark within us. So please visit each page, contemplate its contents and if you feel a spark of excitement or intrigue maybe joining in a workshop or attending an event will take you on a path of new discoveries.

Each of us welcome questions or feedback and so encourage you to send us a message either via the individual or overall site contact pages.

With love and gratitude