Jackie Winslow
Welcome, my name is Jackie and I live in the beautiful city of Bristol. I believe we are all here living a human life to learn about love and each and everyone of us will be drawn to a way of life that strikes a spark within us. Undoubtedly we  all face challenges through life but learning to overcome them over a process of time shows us that love is the best way to hold a fulfilled way of life and that we all work in our own unique ways.

This website has changed in a major way as I move to simplify the way I work, as I continue to serve others I have also become acutely aware of serving myself so with this in mind I have streamlined this site.

The main purpose of these pages now are to connect with you myself and for you to keep up to date with Jane Fishlock, so please do check our individual pages. Jane holds events in the South West and Wales and also continues to work further afield with workshops and retreats in France.

Together we hope that a spark of excitement or intrigue may prompt you to join one of us for an individual session or workshop that may take you on a path of new discoveries.

We both welcome questions or feedback and so encourage you to send us a message via the contact page.

With love and gratitude